Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small piece of information which a website places on your computer so it can remember things about you later. Think of it like an electronic post-it note so the website can remember your preferences.

Cookies are set by us and by third parties. Here are the types of cookies we use.

First Party and Session Management

Used by the website to manage your current visit, remember your choices from page to page and provide a smooth experience. Most only last for your current visit and are deleted when your browser is closed. Some remain for longer than your first visit and are used when you return to the site. does not set any cookies on your computer though we do store one cookie on our server;

Cookiename: PHPSESSID

Used by us to identify the user, device and visit duration. Stored on our server, not on your computer. Expires in 365 days.

Third Party – Google Analytics

Used by most websites on the internet, Google Analytics collects statistics on how visitors use the site. We use those statistics internally to improve the way our site works for our visitors. You can opt out of Google Analytics by visiting this page

What is it used for?

When you next visit our website the cookie “reminds” our website of what you did when you were last here and any personal preferences you might have set, so we don’t need to ask you again.

Why do we need cookies?

The cookies allow us to track which pages you visit on the site and which, if any deals you may click on. That in turn allows us to track sales conversions which pay for the site and keep the site free for you to use.

How cookies help you

Cookies help us to offer the right deals to you based on your location – this is important for some deals which may be restricted to certain areas of the country. They also track which deals you may have clicked on or completed previously so we can highlight relevant deals to you.

Do you sell my cookie information?

No, not at all.

Are cookies safe?

Yes. They don’t contain any code so can’t transmit a virus. Also the information held in a cookie is only useful to the website which placed it there. So even if a cookie somehow got into the wrong hands, it wouldn’t be of any use.

Can I opt out of cookies?

You can but are you sure you want to? They are harmless and help us to make your website visits more personal to you.

There’s a guide to controlling and deleting cookies at